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New World Gifts for 2020!

It's time to make the new World Gifts for Christmas available!

We've been particularly busy this year. If you've bought World Gifts before, you'll notice we've given ourselves a revamp. We hope you love it as much as we do. The designs are new but World Gifts works in just the same way - a great way to buy someone a gift while also donating to charity.

What's new?

Keep clean kit illustration

 Keep clean kit £6

The pandemic has really emphasised the importance of good hand-hygiene, and we're generally all getting used to wearing masks to keep us all safe from infection. For some people living in poverty, access to soap and masks is limited, so people can't keep as clean as they like, or feel like they can't go outside. This simple gift provides soap, reusable facemasks and detergent for a family. Keeping people safe and giving them the confidence to go outside to buy necessities, work and go to school.



Messages of hope illustration
Messages of hope £67


Again, based in the work CAFOD has been doing with local experts to keep remote communities safe during the pandemic. This gift provides a loudspeaker so that people can go into remote areas with factual advice on how to try and keep safe during the pandemic. Local leaders in communities are trusted, so enabling them to reach lot of people at once  means more people can stay safe with the correct information.


PPE for a health worker
PPE for a health worker £127


Perfect for an extra special gift, or something to fundraise for as a group. We've all come to realise the importance of PPE to keep our health workers safe, and to give people confidence to seek medical help when they need it. 



Emergency food illustration
Emergency food £50


Having access to food after a crisis is always essential. In the wake of the Beirut explosion, our partners were distributing emergency food and water on the same day, to people who's homes had been destroyed. If a crisis happens now, on top of the pandemic, this need will be greater than ever. We haven't had this gift for a few years,but it seemed particularly important to bring it back this year!


Solar lamp illustrtation
Solar lamp £30


This is another gift that we have brought back. A brilliant way to give an eco-friendly gift. As we're all spending more time indoors, having light to live by is even more essential. A solar lamp replaces candles and kerosene lamps which produced nasty fumes, allowing children to do their homework, and adults to read, cook and work by without fearing illness from the pollution.


Listening centre
Listening centre £50


This gift can bring comfort to women who have suffered sexual violence and are no longer welcomed by their community. Unfortunately a common occurrence during times of conflict, the listening centre provides women with a safe place to receive medical aid and psychological help to heal from their experiences. They also learn practical skills to help earn an income and their children are supported through education. 

Anything else?

We know that this year has been particular hard when it comes to seeing our loved ones. Many of us are facing restrictions that limit our movement and our socialising, and we're all wondering what Christmas will bring. To make things a little simpler, we have created a new way for you to send your World Gifts. Rather than ordering cards to personalise and then give your cards in person, or post on, you can now write a personalised message online, and send the card directly to your loved one. Choose the "Post Direct" option when selecting how you want to send your card.

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