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International Women's Day: Gifts that dare to dream!

This year, International Women’s Day is on Tuesday 8 March. The focus – daring to dream of a world where women’s hopes, and achievements are celebrated! A world where all women around the world - together with men, are treated equally – all uniquely valued.

Much of our work helps women because they can be  the most vulnerable within communities. Culturally, women are often expected to stay at home - raising the family. With fewer opportunities for learning and working, women often have less rights and are more at risk in times of change.

At CAFOD, we work all over the world with local experts - helping women and girls to learn new skills and empower themselves so they can start earning money and saving to improve their lives. These World Gifts are just a few examples of some of the work we do:

Teach someone to read £10

Teach someone to read World Gifts illustration

This gift highlights just how important fair access to education is! Give the gift of reading and help open doors of opportunity for girls and women! Through the ability to read, you can help more women on their journey to personal, work and financial independence. As the skill of reading can also be passed onto children at home – this gift will keep on giving – enabling girls to shape their own future!



Women’s Support Centre £50

Women's support centre World Gifts illustration

We can all experience trauma and when we do; it is so important to have a safe space to be listened to and to heal. Quite often, women who face traumatic events can be isolated in their communities – unsure of where to turn for help. This highly compassionate gift can help vulnerable women to receive the support, training and tools needed to re-build their lives.



Home for life £192

Home for life World Gift illustration

In some cultures, a widow has no right to their marital home if their husband dies, leaving them and their children on the street. This gift provides legal aid to ensure families stay in their home, safe from the threat of eviction.




So, this year – why not celebrate the hopes, the dreams and the strengths of women and girls all over the world! By purchasing a World Gift, you can stand in solidarity with women less fortunate all around the world and be part of the dream of gender equality!  


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