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International Day of Friendship - Little ways to love

July 30th marks the International Day of Friendship, so if you've been wanting an excuse to reach out to someone, this is it!

World Gifts is the perfect way to show someone you care while also giving people living in poverty the chance at a better life. While the last few months have turned our lives upside down and kept us apart, we've all found extra special ways to show we care about our loved ones.

Happy queen bee

Gifts with your pocket money

Our Happy queen bee gift is only £4 and acts as a perfect reminder to someone that you care. What's more, many of us have been spending more time transforming our gardens, balconies and patios, so we're all particularly appreciating the bees! 

Similarly Trees for life at just £8, or a Vegetable garden if you can stretch to £10 are particularly relevant to anyone who has embraced trying to grow their own fruit and veg while in lockdown!

Goat that gives

Gifts for those missing the great outdoors

For those who miss the great outdoors, and particularly the animals you come across on a countryside walk, we have some perfect animal gifts!

The goat that gives is £28 - ok, so you don't come across goats that often in the UK but they're just as adorable as sheep! 

Help a llama farmer is £27 and although we know you're even less likely to come across a llama on your afternoon ramble, we also know everyone loves a llama!

Helping hand for older people

Gifts for older people

A helping hand for older people still doesn't break the bank at £34 but will mean the world to an older person who is isolating - or someone who is just really missing their parents of grandparents.

At a time when it's more important than ever for communities to pull together and to support each other, we need to let our loved ones near and far know we still care. We hope that at least one of the World Gifts within our range will take your fancy so that you can support your loved ones while helping our global family in need.

Remember 30 July to celebrate the International Day of Friendship and show someone you care.


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