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How to have a green Christmas with World Gifts

Christmas is the time for giving and receiving, of sharing good food with the people we love and of showing our gratitude for the year we’ve had. On the other hand, it inevitably becomes a time of great waste. Most of us end up buying so much food we can’t eat it all and a host of gifts remain unopened and unused by the receiver.

World Gifts is a way of giving waste-free gifts! The optimum choice is to send an e-card, your money goes to those who need it and no trees are harmed in the giving of your gift! But even if you choose to print your gift card at home, or receive it in the post, World Gifts is the gift choice which will always be waste free. Each gift bought goes to help those living in poverty, so there is no fear of the gift being thrown away unused, or unnecessary packaging that makes even the most appreciated gift bad for our planet.

The facts

Still not convinced? After some research into the amount of waste at Christmas, we're sure you'll be swayed to go for the eco-option.

In the UK, one billion Christmas cards go in the bin when they could be recycled.

227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away each year, that's from here to the moon!

Each year the UK is said to spend over £700 million on unwanted presents.

6 million Christmas tress are discarded every year; emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases as they rot.

Overall, when compared to the rest of the year, an extra 30% of rubbish if produced and thrown away during the festive season.

Go green this Christmas

By choosing a charity gift this Christmas you are ensuring you will not only provide a loved one with a gift they love, but you are changing the lives of those living in poverty.

World Gifts Christmas Card

If you choose to send an ecard, avoiding waste all together then you can! It looks just the same as our printed card, with a beautiful nativity scene on the front. It’s then animated to open the card and reveal a case study, explanation of the gift you’ve chosen and your personalised message inside.

Even if you opt for a printed card, our gifts don't need wrapping. Don't contribute to the UK's attempt to reach the moon with wrapping paper, our beautiful cards are enough to show you care.

Feeling inspired?

If you want to double up on that warm fuzzy feeling that choosing to have a green Christmas gives you here are our top gifts for eco-warriors.

Safe place to call home

Safe place to call home illustration

This is one of our pricier gifts that is totally worth splashing out on. For £175 this makes a really special gift or a great present to buy as a group.

This gift can pay for the legal help a family needs to secure their home, ensuring they have a home to live in, land to farm on and a place of safety. In the Amazon, securing homes allows people to protect the land they live on from deforestation and to live in harmony with the rainforest.

You might even be able to group together to buy this incredible gift:


Restore the rainforest

Restore the rainforest illustration

At £719 this gift is extra special, and maybe something you’d prefer to fundraise towards as a group.

Many people living in the Amazon are under threat of eviction due to clearance, burning and logging. This gift can pay for the legal support needed to keep a community on their land so they can continue to protect and restore the rainforest they are living in.


Weatherproof crops

Weatherproof crops illustration

At the other end of the price range we have Weatherproof crops for just £12. These strains of local crops have been developed to survive for longer periods without water. A real life-saver in times of drought which, due to climate change, are becoming more frequent and more severe.


Build a greenhouse

Build a greenhouse illustration

For £54 we have another gardener's gift. A greenhouse protects plants against unpredictable weather conditions. Now plants can be grown all year round rather than at peak seasons, and sudden changes in weather, again influenced by climate change, don't pose a problem.

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