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How the Health clinic helps mothers

The Guarjila health clinic has been providing essential healthcare to the remote community for years. CAFOD funding helps it to retain specialist services such as gynaecology, prenatal and paediatric care, nutrition and counselling.  

We wanted to share some of the details with you, to show just what your World Gifts purchases can help fund! We were lucky enough to have access to interviews with some mothers who had visited the clinic during their pregnancy and for post-natal healthcare.  

Lurvin received pre and post-natal care from the health clinicLurvin is 30 years old and lives with her husband and two children. Originally from Honduras, Lurvin is particularly thankful for access to the clinic now that she lives in Guarjila. Talking about the healthcare you could receive in Honduras she said: 

“The health situation there is not good, because there you die if you are seriously ill. And sometimes the clinics there don’t take care of you, if you don’t go private, they don't take care of you. But here you receive support […] here they take care of you even for small things, you can receive care.” 

Lurvin goes on to explain that she has saw both a doctor and a gynaecologist for different check-ups during her pregnancy last year and that she feels like everything was well-explained. She feels safe knowing she can attend the clinic if she experiences any health problems. She received multivitamins and minerals to take during her pregnancy and because of this felt confident “my baby [would] be in good health”. 

Lurvin receiving a check-up at the health clinic during her pregnancy 

Blanca is 37 years old and has three children. With each pregnancy and birth she has received check-ups and support from the health clinic.  

Blanca with her young baby, Maria Julia“For me, the clinic’s work is perfect.  Thank God, when I arrived there, they’ve always taken care of me. The clinic has helped me a lot, since I got pregnant with my first child.” 

Blanca goes on to describe how the clinic is providing more support than ever for mums to be: 

“At that time, the clinic was a little different to how it is now. Before there were no health talks, there were check-ups [or] these were only done sometimes. Now, there are check-ups month after month and there are talks. If you feel sick, then you go to the clinic. With my pregnancy, my girl is even better because at the clinic there is a gynaecologist and an ultrasound. Before you had to go [a long distance] for care.” 

Blanca also highlights the importance of the talks mothers receive on Blanca and her daughter receiving help at the health clinicbreastfeeding. She believes that without the talks she wouldn’t have understood the importance of breastfeeding and how it can help children to avoid illness and disease. The talks continued to be useful, even after she had her first child, “you always learn new things.  Even a little bit, but you always learn”. 

Blanca’s youngest daughter, Maria Julia, is two years old now. When Maria was very young, Blanca received weekly visits from the health clinic staff to weigh her and generally check on her health. As Maria Julia grew, the visits reduced to monthly, but Blanca has also visited the clinic in between to make sure her daughter is healthy, gaining enough weight and getting the right nutrients. 

Blanca and Lurvin are just two examples of mothers who have received help from the health clinic. More than anything you can tell that they feel safe knowing the clinic is there if they need it and that they appreciate the staff treating them well and making sure they are healthy, and their children are healthy too. 

To hear how the Guarjila clinic is responding to the threat of coronavirus click here. 

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