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Girl power gifts!

This year, we're highlighting the struggles of women living in poverty. As a girl, you are less likely to go to school and therefore learn a trade to earn an income. Culturally, women are more often expected to stay at home and look after the family rather than contribute to the household income. They often have less rights and are more at risk in times of change.

At CAFOD, we work all over the world helping women and girls to learn new skills and empower themselves so they can start earning money and saving to improve their lives. These new World Gifts are just an example of some of the work we do:

Change a woman's world £40

Change a woman's world giftThis gift epitomises what an opportunity at education and earning an income can do for someone. From helping families to accept that women can help to earn an income, to helping women gather confidence in their communities. This gift really is life-changing.


Help a hardworking hairdresser £77

Help a hardworking hairdresser giftLearning the new skills of being a hairdresser can give someone a feeling of self-worth. This gift pays for a newly trained hairdresser to get their start-up kit of hair rollers, a mirror, combs and brushes and a head doll to practice on.

Sewing kit £21

Sewing kit giftLearning to be a seamstress can bring in a steady income, enough to save up to go back to school. A sewing kit includes everything a newly trained seamstress needs to get going, including a worktable, scissors and tape measure.

Home for life £192

Home for life giftIn some cultures, a widow has no right to their marital home if their husband dies, leaving them and their children on the street. This gift provides legal aid to ensure families stay in their home, safe from the threat of eviction.


So whether you're a hardcore feminist, or simply want to stand in solidarity with women less fortunate all around the world, we're sure there'll be a new World Gift to inspire you.

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