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Charity gifts for teachers

For most people, the school term has been a bit of an abstract concept considering how many kids haven't been able to go to school. We know that schools have adapted in different ways, but for many teachers, a closed school has meant even more work than normal!

Whether you get to see your teacher in person to say thank you for all their work over the last few months, or if you just want to send a quick e-card to show you know how hard they've worked despite not being able to see them - World Gifts has some great options.

Gifts for primary school teachers

Teach someone to read is the obvious choice! It's £10, and is particularly suitable for primary school teachers. Here in the UK we're privileged that most of us will be taught to read as standard. But for many people all over the world, just going to school is unusual, and many (particularly girls) are never taught to read.

Other choices for primary school teacher's include Happy queen bee at £4 or Wonderful worms at £10. Often through the spring and summer months teachers introduce children to the wonders of nature around them, so they're sure to have covered how helpful bees and worms are in getting things growing!

Teach someone to read illustration

Gifts for secondary school teachers

Gifts or secondary school teacher's is a bit harder to advise, but I'm sure you'll find something in the range that seems just right. Change a woman's world, at £40 is a bit more expensive, but probably just right for the teacher who has opened your child's eyes to how unequal the world is. And how lucky we are that in the UK boys and girls both get an equal opportunity at an education, and can go on to have whatever job they want. Other suitable gifts could be a School starter pack at £25, or Fabulous football at £10. 

Change a woman's world illustration

Whether term has already ended, or it's coming up, a World Gift is easy to send and comes from the heart. A teacher doesn't necessarily want another "World's Best Teacher" mug, but they do want to change the lives of those less fortunate.

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