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Gifts for Father's Day

If, like me, the lockdown has meant you can't see your parents then I know, like me, you'll be wanting to mark Father's Day in a special way.

Order by June 10 to guarantee your gifts arrive in the post on time. If you want to send an ecard, or print your card at home, you can even do that on the day (21 June, for all those who aren't sure!).

In the last few months we've all had to find alternative ways to keep in touch, and I know many of us have talked about being in contact with the people we care about more than ever. In the case of families this has involved talking older members through how to use video chats. It's amazing how many times you can log on for a virtual family quiz and someone will still loudly say "CAN YOU SEE ME?" or "Why can't I see you?" or even "Why is everyone upside down??".

But, despite some of the challenges, it's amazing how people have adapted. With even the least tech-savvy friends and relatives getting on board. What's more, with some lockdown measures recently lifted, some people have been able to meet up with their parents. Socially distanced catch-ups aren't the same as a proper hug and a catch up on the sofa, but they're a refreshing change from only seeing your parents through a camera.

Not all of us can manage to see our parents though, and for those who can it's a case of weighing up the weather and if you can find an outside space to accommodate you. 

Whether or not you can see your dad on Father's day, a perfect way to celebrate is with a World Gift. Not only are there gifts to suit all sorts of interests, but if you can't see your Dad in person, you can send it in the post or by email. Best of all, each gift you buy helps to change the life of someone living in poverty.

Gifts for gardening dads

Top of my list, because my dad spends a lot of his free time on his allotment or busily trying to figure out what else he can make with an abundance of courgettes. From just £4 for a queen bee, there a whole range of gifts to choose from.

Gifts for animal loving dads

There's nothing quite like watching my father-in-law go all gooey over their cat, even when he insists he's not bothered. Ok, so we don't have pet-cats, but we do have a whole host of animal gifts!

Gifts for sporty dads

For the dad that is footie mad we have Fabulous football or for those who prefer more solo sports, we've got Water on wheels to buy a bike for a water pump mechanic.

Whatever your dad is into, I'm sure there is a World gift your Dad will love. Whether you get to hand him it in person, or send it via the post or email, World Gifts are proven to bring a smile.

Remember to place your order by 10 June to guarantee your gift arrives through the post in time. If you're planning to send an ecard or print at home you can do this on the day!



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