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Father's Day gifts

Tired of trawling the shops, stuck for present ideas for Father’s Day? We’ve got the perfect gifts for dads that’ll be sure to bring a smile.

Gifts for dads who love the garden

Trees for life, £7, is sure to be a winner, what better way to help others than supporting people like Tabitha in Kenya who can now make a living growing and selling bananas!

The World Gifts Vegetable gardenBuy the World Gift Vegetable garden at £10 and Drought resistant crops for £12 and both will make perfect alternative gifts for gardeners. These gifts will help people living in poverty who face difficult growing conditions and make a real difference to families.

The pig that provides, £65, is a different gift that’s great for foodie dads! This World Gift can put food on a family's table for years to come. Pigs are cheap to keep and easy to breed, piglets can also be sold at market to provide an income for families.

Gifts for dads who love sport and exercise 

Anne happy with her dad after a brilliant football match

Is your dad a football fanatic? Football fans will love CAFOD’s Fabulous football, £10, which can pay for kits, footballs and training to provide a positive alternative to drugs and crime in poor urban areas.


The World Gifts water for a family helps provide people access to waterPerhaps your dad would enjoy our best charity gift, Water for a family. For £33 you can raise a glass to providing families in developing communities clean, safe water.


The World Gift Chirpy chickensChirpy chickens, £20 are another bestseller. Chickens are easy to look after, produce eggs that can be eaten or sold and they breed well, meaning a family’s flock can grow quick.



Gifts for dads who are good in a crisis

When disaster strikes, we are there ready to respond and provide the life-saving difference to families and communities. Many families don’t know when their next meal will be, have no home for shelter or access to clean water.

The net that protects is a real life-saver, just like your dad can be! This virtual gift provides a simple, treated mosquito net that can keep families safe from deadly disease.

Buy food for people in humanitarian emergencies

The World Gift Emergency food, £20 can provide food to a family who have nothing to eat in the days and weeks after a conflict. Buy Emergency water, £7 and you help provide essential clean water to a family at times of desperation. Two other examples of charity presents that make a difference.


With such a wide range of gifts, you're sure to find a perfect present on the World Gifts site for your dad, grandfather, carer, son, cousin, brother, friend or boss!

The World Gift Chirpy chickens

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