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Fall in love and show you care with World GIfts

Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to show your significant other you care!

Roses, chocolates, or a romantic candle-lit dinner for two? Or how about declaring your love in a more unusual way? This year, why not explore CAFOD’s World Gifts and celebrate your love with your significant other and our global family? Check out our top recommendations to say, ‘I love you!’ with World Gifts:

Spread the news and pass on the love!

When you’re in love, you just want to shout it from the rooftops! This year, why not celebrate your love by giving messages of hope with our ‘Spread the news’ World Gift? Loudspeakers in rural areas can provide vital information on health and world issues to vulnerable communities in some of the world’s most remote places.

The Goat that gives...hugs?

Most animal lovers think goats are adorable and we agree! On top of that a goat can provide a family with milk to drink and sell and manure to help them grow crops. And who can resist the cute goat eyes on our illustration?

Will you bee mine?

Our Happy queen bee gift is only £4 but perfect for including the compulsory Valentine's day pun. If this gift doesn't get your loved one buzzed, we're not sure what will.

Want a tote-ally awesome extra?

Our World Gifts tote bag is made of 100% recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles which help to make it really strong! It makes a lovely gift to give on Valentine's day if you want more than a card to represent how you feel.

Whichever World Gift you choose for your Valentine this year, we're sure they'll love it! There's still time to send an ecard or print it off at home!

I Udderly love you

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