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Emergency World Gifts

When disaster strikes, we are there ready to respond and provide the life-saving difference to families and communities. War and conflict in places like Yemen and Syria have left millions of people in desperate need of support. Many families don’t know when their next meal will be, have no home for shelter or access to clean water and their communities are often rife with disease.

If you want to make a difference to people in conflict and emergency situations like Yemen and Syria this Christmas, buy CAFOD’s Emergency World Gifts and help provide families and communities the life line they need.

    Help a refugee child - £46

    Help a refugee child World GiftHelp a refugee child by providing emotional and educational support. Many children have had to flee war, leaving them without access to education. This World Gift provides a child with the support they need to return to school, make friends and progress with their lives, despite all the challanges.

    Emergency shelter - £40

    Emergency shelter world gift

      Provide shelter to a family of refugees who have lost absolutely everything and been forced from their homes. Give a life changing gift this Christmas. Buy CAFOD’s World Gift Emergency shelter and you can provide families in need a safe place to sleep.

        Emergency water - £5

        Emergency water World Gift

          Just £5 can buy Emergency water to provide essential clean water to a family at times of desperation. People in Yemen are in need of the basic essentials for survival, with no safe water, food or shelter you can help make a difference this Christmas.

          Buy our charity emergency World Gifts this Christmas and you will help people and communities in desperate need.

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