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Emergency Gifts

In the light of Cyclone Idai, which has recently caused huge damage to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi I've been looking at our emergency World Gifts. It's estimated that 2.6 million people are in need of vital humanitarian aid in the coming days and weeks ahead. 

CAFOD partners are already on the ground working to provide people with food, such as rice and beans, and hygiene kits. Thanks to regular gifts to our Emergency Response Team and purchases of gifts such as below we've been able to take immediate action. We've pledged an initial £150,000 until we can raise additional funds.

If you've been touched by Cyclone Idai, or want to contribute to our emergency response through World Gifts, think about buying one of the following:

Emergency Water

Emergency water gift illustrationJust £5 can help us provide clean, safe water during a crisis situation. Often during emergency situations, access to clean water is limited or impossible. Providing a family with clean water can help keep them safe from disease.

The net that protects

A treated net keeps families safe from mosquito-born Net that protects illustrationdiseases. Often living in temporary shelter after an emergency situation these nets protect babies and young children who are particularly vulnerable.

Emergency Shelter

Emergency shelter giftAs we've seen in Mozambique, when a crisis hits, hundreds of thousands of people can be left homeless. Emergency shelter is designed to be distributed quickly to keep families safe and protected from the elements.

These gifts help us to respond as soon as a crisis hits, and go onto help as the emergency continues. This is so important to help keep people safe in extreme circumstances, and save lives.

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