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Coronavirus awareness raising in South Sudan

I thank God for giving me this opportunity to participate in this fight against COVID 19 pandemic through raising awareness via radio stations here in Juba”

Dr Thomas, South Sudan 

Dr John in a radio booth in South Sudan

Our Messages of hope World Gift focuses on information sharing via the use of a loudspeaker, but that’s not the only way that CAFOD helps our local experts to keep everyone informed. Local radio shows are a common way of sharing accurate information about critical situations such as staying safe from Covid-19 or Ebola. They allow a platform for local, trusted members of a community to voice the facts, dispel myths around a situation and help everyone to have an equal chance at survival. 

In Juba, South Sudan, use of local radio shows to spread awareness on how to stay safe during the pandemic have proven really popular. Dr Thomas is just one of the panelists, but the voices of priests and other trusted and informed members of communities have spoken up as well. The radio shows have been a great platform to share accurate information on staying safe during the pandemic, giving hygiene tips and dispelling myths. They’ve also allowed people a chance to ask questions, the sort that we have been asking here in the UK! What do I need to know about coronavirus? Do I need to do anything differently if I’m pregnant? What is the best way to keep my children safe? 

Dr John on the radio in South Sudan

The radio shows have all been a part of CAFOD’s coronavirus response in South Sudan. In addition, we’ve been using loudspeakers to share information. Delivering messages in local languages so that everyone has the best advice. No matter how remote they are. We’ve also helped in lots of other ways such as: installing handwashing stations in schools and communal spaces, distributing PPE, and providing emergency food parcels to those isolating but with no way of getting food.  

While each element of our response has an important part to play in surviving the pandemic, it’s hard to over-emphasise how vital equal access to accurate information is. Especially when it’s so easy to take for granted how much information is at a fingertips here in the UK. 

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