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Go green with World Gifts

26 June sees CAFOD, alongside the other members of the Climate Coalition, gathering outside parliament to lobby the UK government on tackling climate change.

The UK has recently committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, which is a great step! But we know we need to keep pushing our MP's to make real changes to how we combat climate change and live in a more eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Many of the World Gifts within our Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods fund are helping people to cope with the damage climate change has done to their farmland. Some of our favourites are:

Drought resistant crops illustrationDrought resistant crops - long droughts and unpredictable rainfall make farming increasingly challenging for poor families living in rural areas. If the families can't grow their food they'll simply go hungry. Using new seeds and techniques helps farmers to successfully grow and harvest crops to feed their families and sell for a profit.

Happy queen bee - a queen ensures more bees! Not only does this provide a Happy queen beefamily in need with more honey to eat and sell, but more bees means more pollination so plants continue to thrive!



 Trees for life illustrationTrees for life - This charity gift of fruit saplings means families can eat and sell nutritious fruit for years. But on top of this, we know that more trees means more oxygen going into the air we breathe, as well as a home for animals, birds and insects.

In addition to these gifts within the farming fund, we also have Solar lamp! This Solar lamp illustrationprovides a family with a solar lamp to work by in the evenings. These clean energy lamps replace smoky, polluting fossil fuel lamps which harm our world, and the people trapped inside using them. A simple solar lamp means children can do their homework at night without breathing in harmful fumes.

To make sure you stay green, we've got ecards for all our lovely World Gifts. So you avoid any unnecessary waste while still showing someone you care.

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