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Charity Gifts for growing a living, chickens and farming

Choosing a gift from the World Gifts Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods Fund can give people the skills, tools and animals they need to improve their standard of living.

World Gifts Chirpy chickens help people like this lady smiling and holding her chicken In Tanzania, your gifts of Chirpy chickens have been directly helping families for years, producing eggs for families to eat or sell and giving farming communities there the chance of a better future.

Winfreda lives with her husband and nine children in the Tanzanian countryside. In 2009 she started keeping chickens to help boost her family’s income. With our support she received two chickens, along with training in how to build a coop and care for them. Many chickens later, business is growing: Winfreda can now pay school fees for three of her children and make sure her family has enough food to eat.

“The best thing now is that there is not hunger in my family” she told us.

In this film Deborah, also from Tanzania, talks about how receiving Chirpy chickens as part of a programme delivered by CAFOD partners has made a real difference to her quality of life:

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