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Charity gifts chosen with love for Valentine's Day

If you're a guest at a wedding this year, why not give the happy couple a World Gift?If you’re a wedding guest this year, there’s a good chance that you’ll hear 1 Corinthians 13 – the famous letter from St Paul that tells us that while faith, hope and love endure, love is the greatest of these three.

It’s certainly what we think of most at a wedding, when we celebrate the beginning of a marriage, but it’s also there when we mark a special anniversary, welcome a new baby or mark Valentine's Day.

The pressure to select the perfect present for our spouse can be particularly intense at this time of year. Of course, we should do our best to demonstrate our love for our partner every day, but there is the temptation to try and buy that perfect Valentine’s gift that will show our loved one the depth of our feelings for them.

Most often though they can end up receiving a slushy card, a cuddly toy or a box of chocolates when the gifts available fail to live up to our ideal of the perfect present!

Gifts that show you care

If you're struggling to pick the perfect Valentine's Day gift, here are a few of our charity favourites:

Pick this cute pig for your husband or boyfriend this Valentine's DayThe pig that provides
Buy a cute pig for your husband or boyfriend and help a farming family lift themselves out o poverty.

Buy a solar lamp as a Valentine's gift and tell your girlfriend or wife that they are the light of your life!Solar lamp
Tell your girlfriend or wife that they're the light of your life with this quirky charity gift for Valentine's.

Buy a top mum or dad this thoughtful charity gift for Valentine's DayHelp a refugee child
A thoughtful Valentine's treat for a great mum or dad, this charity gift helps children who have fled confict and war.

Charity gifts chosen with love

All of these meaningful gifts are a way to put your faith into action and will provide a beacon of hope for poor families, but as St Paul suggests, perhaps the greatest effect will be to allow our brothers and sisters overseas to feel the warmth of our love for them

Do something different for Valentine's Day this year, or when you’re next a guest at a Wedding and choose a World Gift. Your loved one is sure to love the difference they’ll make!

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