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Celebrating Easter with World Gifts

We know that the world is pretty strange right now, and that celebrating Easter, no matter how important it is to us, will be just as challenging and strange. But things have adapted so quickly to allow us to try and continue on as normal. Priests are holding mass online, musicians are giving concerts via social media and big theaters are sharing footage of their shows. They are all small steps to make us try and carry on as much as normal, but they really do help.

World Gifts has had an online option for several years but you might not have used it! Now could be the time to start by sending an ecard or print at home Easter card to your loved ones. Many of us would normally come together to celebrate and share a meal, just because we can't physically come together doesn't mean we can't show each other we care. Avoid going to the shops to buy Easter eggs for family you can't see and choose a CAFOD World Gift instead. Each gift represents real work we do for those most in need and each purchase will help to ensure our work can continue, even during this challenging time. 

With less than a week until we celebrate Easter, we'd highly recommend choosing a World Gifts e-card, or print at home option. Physical cards can take 7-10 working days so we can't guarantee they'll reach you in time.

Needing some inspiration? Here are some of our favourites for Easter

Chirpy chickens

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