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CAFOD World Gifts and Coronavirus

CAFOD World Gifts go towards five funds within CAFOD’s work. As our generous supporters, we wanted to update you on how Covid-19 might be affecting our work. 

Coronavirus has now spread to every continent except Antarctica, with confirmed cases in several AfricanAsian and Latin American countries where CAFOD works. As of 14 April, the World Health Organization confirmed that there have been more than 1,844,000 cases of COVID-19 worldwide, causing more than 117,000 deaths. 

Our programmes around the world are run, managed and staffed by people who live amongst and are close to the communities they support. Every context will be different, but at this point we need to put the safety of all our staff, and the local aid teams on the ground, first. 

The spread of COVID-19 in countries with poor health systems will be devastating for communities and will without a doubt undo some of the great work our local experts have achieved in supporting communities to thrive. 

We already have experience of dealing with deadly viruses. CAFOD has worked with local experts in West Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as they struggled against Ebola. Our teams are part of their local communities and are trusted to help and support in normal times, as well as crises.  

For more information on how CAFOD is responding to the coronavirus please head to the main site.

For now, the World Gifts service remains unaffected. If you want to purchase World Gifts for your loved ones you still can. The money raised will go towards helping people in the way they most need - something we are assessing all the time. We know that many people are unable to see their friends and loved ones as planned at the moment. Our e-card and print at home service is quick and allows you to show you care, even when you are apart! 

We would highly recommend ordering online to ensure your orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. As CAFOD's head office in the UK is now closed, we are unable to process orders sent in by post without some significant delay.

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